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About us

Ed Stephenson - President

 Dirk Hollobaugh - Technical Sales

We have provided vision, leadership and decision-making skills to complete safe and budget-friendly projects domestically and internationally including those with multi-million dollar budgets. Experienced in every facet of Process Operations, Construction Operations and Project Management we look forward to OMNI Industrial Process being able meet the challenges of your next project. We will work closely with you to provide the work scope and equipment solutions that you require.

A partial list of projects that we have been involved with:


Farmers CO-OP - Grain Handling & Storage Facility

Kent Feeds - Fly Ash Slipform Storage Silo

FGDA - 1,000,000 BU Slipform Grain Storage Facility

Continental Grain - Unit Train Loadout Facility

Farmers Cooperative - Turkey Pullet Facility

APC Corporation - Printing Line Install

IA State University - Power Plant Coal Receiving Equipment

Electrolux - Bondurizer Pit and Installation

Blackstone Industrial- Malting Facility

Electrolux - Storage Mezzanine / Material Hoist

Valero – DDG and GERM Flat Storage Facility Design

Electrolux - Electrical Panel Structural Platform

Gavilon - Bulk Fertilizer Plant Equipment Installation

Electrolux - Press Line Robotic Parts Handling

Farmers Cooperative - 500,000 Bushel Storage

Farmers Cooperative - SS Fertilizer Plant Machinery

Seneca Foundry - Casting Product Storage & L/O

Cargill Flour Milling - Wheat Midds L/O

Cargill Flour Milling - Wheat Midds L/O Facility

Cargill Flour Milling - 60+ LOC - Replace Beltlift Units with Elevators

Cargill/Nutrena - Storage Addition / Renovation

Christensen Farms - Slipform Swine Feedmill

Townsend Farms - Slipform Poultry Feedmill

Heartland Pork - Slipform Swine Feedmill

SOFAB - Burkina Faso, Africa – Multi Species Feedmill – Oil Processing Plant

5N Plus - Glass Breaking Line for cadmium recovery

Gavilon - 2.2 Million Bushel Rail Loading Facility

Gavilon - 2 Million Bushel Grain Storage Bunker

Seed Industry

Two Single Pass Reversing Ear Corn Dryer

Foundation Seed Facility Upgrades

Pallet Box Dryer and Enclosure Building

Pallet Box Dryer                                                           

Foundation Seed Facility Expansion


Research Facility - 35,000 SF Metal Buildings for Research Facility     

Research Dryers - Corcoran, CA – Mt Vernon, IN – Homer, IL              

Santa Isabel, PR - Research Seed Facility Upgrades                              

Santa Isabel, PR - Dryer Gas Train Modifications

Dryer and Husk/ Sort Renovation                             
Dryer Demolition Project                          

Dryer Canopy Replacement                                      

Production Facility Expansion                                       

Beck’s Hybrids:
Production Facility Expansion